PA Court Filings is dedicated to making it easier for the public to see the latest criminal charges filed in Pennsylvania's Magisterial District Courts. These courts are typically the first to hear criminal cases in the state.

Case information on this website is sourced from criminal case dockets posted publicly on the website of the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC). Information on this website is typically updated multiple times per day. Please note that PA Court Filings is a privately-owned website and not operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or officially associated with the Pennsylvania court system. Questions about court cases should be directed to AOPC or the appropriate district court office.

Although PA Court Filings strives for accuracy, parsing of case filings is not always perfect. We recommend always checking individual dockets before citing information published on this website. Also please note that individual dockets are updated by AOPC as cases progress through the criminal justice system. The information on this website typically represents just a snapshot of case information after a docket is first posted publicly.